Not Sweat Free Recovery

Easy does it was the name of the game this afternoon. But why does it always feel knackering, even on an active recovery ride? Sure, the heart rate might be better than it used to be, hovering as it did around the 120bpm range, but I still very much had my sweat on. And coming … Read more Not Sweat Free Recovery

Riding In Restraints

Nothing major to report from this ride. Just an easy 30km / 1hr ride to get back riding after my fall on Saturday. The one unusual aspect to this ride was in that I had to wear a wrist guard to allow me to put sufficient weight on my wrist / hand. The wrist guard … Read more Riding In Restraints

Recovery Road

Late on the bike today. Well, later than planned, at least. I had wanted to get today’s ride in during my dinner break but due to mistiming a meeting, I ended up doing this one later in the day. Still not feeling those morning rides lately. Today I was after recovery, ideally an hours ride … Read more Recovery Road

Rebuilding A Routine

Watopia seems somewhat busier than I remember it. In a bid to get back to some form of normality after my recent spate of illnesses, I decided an easier session would likely be a decent way to get some constrained kilometers on the clock. I’ve found myself over eager to try and meet my weekly … Read more Rebuilding A Routine