An Hour Goes By So Fast

True story, I picked this route today, took my laptop on the bike with me, and looked up twice. Once when I had done 15 minutes, and the next time was when I had 8 minutes left in the workout.

All of the other time I was preoccupied with my work. Not a bad thing, I suppose. It’s good to get through these more boring sessions without focusing solely on the sweaty uncomfortableness.

Speaking of being sweaty, I’ve had to stop wearing my heart rate strap as it’s given me a terrible rash. When I upgraded to the Polar H10 a while back, I have since been following the instructions of washing only in cold water. I don’t think it’s doing enough to kill off the germs 🙁 yuck

As such now until the rash goes I won’t be using the heart rate strap. And I think I might just boil the damn thing to be sure. But that will likely melt the glue and cause it to fall to pieces, much like all my others. I guess that’s preferable to getting God knows what feeding on your sweat whilst you ride?


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