Where Did That Come From?

I went out today with the idea of doing a more chilled and laid back ride. I did a workout yesterday, and so figured today could be something a touch easier.

Does that ever work outside?


Instead I found myself absolutely tearing along. Whether it was a favourable tailwind, or simply feeling nicer what with being out in short sleeves and bibshorts thanks to the fine weather, I don’t know. But when I looked down at the head unit as I was riding along, I was pretty shocked to see a pace of 44kph, and I kept that up for a good while… well, 5 minutes or so, until the bike path ran out.

The nice part about that was that I never felt like I was absolutely mullering myself to put out that speed. So I do hope that means some kind of fitness and form is returning.

I do actually think it helps to have been doing some indoor riding recently. That’s far more controlled and, as a result, heading outdoors – especially in nice weather – feels more of an enjoyable experience. It’s good to vary it up.

Overall I knew I couldn’t be ages today. So I had to make the time count. In the end, buoyed on by those early numbers I decided to ‘road test’ myself again, and went for a ~20 minute maximum effort. It’s nice to see that put out some improvements on the graphs, and again, I reckon I could push that higher indoors without stop / start and whatever else to contend with.

So yeah, overall a good session.

Maybe indoors tomorrow, not quite sure yet. My ideal target for this week is to ride Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then have two rest days before the weekend.

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