Cancel Culture

The idea today was to do the reverse of yesterday’s route. Only I misjudged the time requirements for this one – and ended up finding myself with about 40 minutes to do a 50 minute ride.

Part of the problem was that I needed to be back home in time to be showered and ready for a 2pm meeting, and by the time I set off it was about 13:10.

The other problem was the wind.

The wind yesterday was pretty wild. Today it was worse. However, it wasn’t that bad when I set off.

Unfortunately about 10 minutes in, as I turned East, the wind just smacked me head on, and was pretty unrelenting from then on. Oh, and that’s about when the rain started up in earnest, too.

So it was hard going, for not a lot of pace, and any exposed skin was a lovely bright red hue. On the plus side, I was not sweaty, because the wind was doing an expert job of wicking away any and all body heat.

As I say, the plan was to repeat yesterday’s loop, but in reverse. Sadly at about the 30 minute marker I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get the whole circuit in, and be back in time for my meeting. So I cut out about 10 minutes of the ride, finally finding some high hedgerows to cower behind in the process, and getting some respite from the wind.

When I did finally get back home, I got in, got showered – boy, does hot water feel weirdly cold on freezing cold skin – and at my PC for bang on 2pm.

Only to find the meeting was cancelled.


Anyway, I don’t feel like I’ve taken it easy so far this week. Tomorrow will be a rest day, and then Saturday will most likely be an attempt at a ~6km run on the treadmill. Aiming for a better performance this time around. However, I’m also contemplating riding instead. I think right now I need to ride. A lot.

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