Tour de Zwift 2020: Stage 1 Long Distance

This morning I took on the first stage of the Tour of Watopia 2020. This was a super well attended ride / race, probably the most well attended event I’ve been on in Zwift. With over 4,000 riders across three different category (long / short / women’s only), this is a strong sign of how … Read more

Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

For tonight’s ride I opted for RGT Cycling’s Borrego Springs route, which is one I have tried to ride before, but last time suffered from a rather odd bug. There were no issues (at least, with the ride itself) tonight. As the picture above describes, this is a largely flat route, in a standard rectangular … Read more

Recovery + Free Ride = Bad Idea

Yesterday I took on Zwift’s Mountain 8 route, involving ~600m of climb up both the Reverse Epic KOM and the Radio Tower. Today, ideally, I needed a more gentle recovery ride. My plan, such as it was, was to stick in the blue and green zones. At least, that was what I’d come up with … Read more

Tick Tock – it’s 7.30 o’clock

This morning’s goal was to ride 15km, and I wasn’t in the mood for climbing still so opted for the Tick Tock circuit, a clock-wise loop of Fuego Flats and a bit of the undersea pass in Watopia. In total this circuit is 19km with only 59m of total climb. Ideal. Given that Fuego Flats … Read more

Tour of Watopia: Stage 4 – Level out, level up

Halfway done! Keep the momentum going in Stage 4’s rolling hills and flats. Go for your personal bests as you make your way through various KOM segments. Segment starts are marked with neon dashes on the road. We’ll begin on Ocean Boulevard’s pier, then head to downtown Watopia. Once we’re away from the hustle and … Read more