Tour for All 2020: Stage 4 Longer Race A/B

Earlier this afternoon I took part in Stage 4 of Zwift’s Tour For All 2020. Today was probably the most challenging of all the stages of the Tour – a racing climb up the Alpe Du Zwift. Being completely honest I wasn’t super up for this one. I had originally planned to ride at 9am, … Read more

3R Tour of Fire and Ice Hilly Race (25km/15.6mi 1166m) (C)

This morning I took part in the 3R Tour of Fire and Ice Hilly Race, which is essentially: Start in downtown Watopia Head around the Volcano (fire) Climb up and then descend to Jungle circuit Climb the Alpe Du Zwift (ice) Whilst I had planned to climb the Alpe Du Zwift this morning, I hadn’t … Read more

RGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf

For this evening’s ride I took on RGT Cycling‘s Canary Wharf map. This is a very short map – just 1km – with a sprint, and very little climb. I think the climb is 5m per lap? The sprint isn’t flat, however. It starts flat, dips, and then finishes up a slight incline. Straight away, … Read more

Yorkshire Flat Cap Free Ride

This afternoon – or perhaps early evening I guess – I completed two laps of Zwift’s new Yorkshire map. This time I took on the forward route. I’ve ridden Yorkshire once before – Zwiftcast Recon Ride – Harrogate Circuit Reverse (D). The route was definitely different in the forward version. It felt more of a … Read more