Definitely Not Perfect

Some good, some bad today. I’ll start off with the bad – the knee is good, but not perfect. I chose a workout that I don’t believe I have done before, picking one from (as best I recall) the Sweet Spot section on Zwift’s workout menu. But in reality I was looking for tempo. Here’s … Read more

Zwift Flat is Fast [2024] – Tempus Fugit (B)

A new year, a new racing series. Only, the name of this series has been used before. Last January, in fact. Maybe the Zwift racing series just loops… it wouldn’t surprise me. However last time around, Stage 1 was Tick Tock route, and this time around it was Tempus Fugit. The difference being, this time … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #6: Long | All Out Burn

Finally! The finish line approaches for the Zwift Academy 2023. This series has felt like a long and tough challenge, particularly in the last couple of weeks. The final ride – for me – was to tackle Workout #6, which according to the 101 TSS ranking put this one at third of the six. Now, … Read more

Best of 2023: Stage 1 – Sand and Sequoias (B)

The first of December’s racing series kicked off for me today, with this series entitled “Best Of” ZRacing. Best Of is subjective, I feel. Sand and Sequoias is certainly a nice looking route, after all it has a dinosaur. But it’s not one I’d put in my Best Of list. A pretty typical field then … Read more