Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 2: Longer Ride

Well by jingo, that was knackering. I mean, I knew it would be a tiring ride, what with the pre-ride notes saying 900m of climb over 40km, but to do that on a Tuesday evening after a bank holiday weekend spent eating excessive amounts of scones and cake? Yeah, brutal. This was a new route … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 1: Longer Ride

Today was my (late) start to the Tour of Watopia 2021. Having been outdoors all week, I left it until the last day of Stage 1 to get involved. Sadly, I faced a couple of technical issues during this ride which whilst not ruining the ride for me, did make it feel way harder than … Read more

No Sweet Beats

It’s been a while. Four months, actually. But today I decided it had been long enough, and got back on with an SST session. This one would be taken at my new FTP, which I have actually forgotten what that figure is. Whatever it is, it meant riding at 210w off, and 225w on. Or … Read more

Ride With Pride 2021 (D)

This morning I took part in my first Pride Ride for 2021. I didn’t actually realise they had started, yet I think I missed the first two already(?). Today’s ride was a 1.2-2.0w/kg ride around a new Watopia route, Seaside Sprint. As ever with the Pride Rides, this one was well attended and very welcoming. … Read more