Zwift Spring Training: Sweet Spot Foundation

I think I’m a bit late to the party on this one. Rather than do another FTP Builder session today I was looking for something slightly more intensive. But, not SST. That one still frightens me 🙂 Spring Training was one of the top items on the menu, so I tried that out. I picked … Read more

Coughing Fit

Whether or not my aggravated lungs have anything to do with yesterday’s (and today’s) bike riding is pure speculation. What I do know is my coughing has worsened today. It’s kinda odd. I had the main symptoms of covid what must be two weeks ago at this point, so to get the cough now feels … Read more

Zwift Games 2024 (B): Stage 2 – Jurassic Coast

An interesting one for me today. After yesterday I thought I was going to have an endurance ride today but I went to bed last night thinking I’d put in one shift and could probably do another back to back. As is sadly a bit or a tradition now for me it appears I have … Read more

Definitely Not Perfect

Some good, some bad today. I’ll start off with the bad – the knee is good, but not perfect. I chose a workout that I don’t believe I have done before, picking one from (as best I recall) the Sweet Spot section on Zwift’s workout menu. But in reality I was looking for tempo. Here’s … Read more