No Sweet Beats

It’s been a while. Four months, actually. But today I decided it had been long enough, and got back on with an SST session. This one would be taken at my new FTP, which I have actually forgotten what that figure is. Whatever it is, it meant riding at 210w off, and 225w on. Or … Read more

Ride With Pride 2021 (D)

This morning I took part in my first Pride Ride for 2021. I didn’t actually realise they had started, yet I think I missed the first two already(?). Today’s ride was a 1.2-2.0w/kg ride around a new Watopia route, Seaside Sprint. As ever with the Pride Rides, this one was well attended and very welcoming. … Read more

Control, Control, You Must Learn Control!

More so than yesterday, today I really wasn’t in the mood to exercise. Partly because I’d kinda mentally resigned to riding only 4 days this week, and partly due to laziness. By 4pm I’d had my chocolate bar, my magnum lollipop, and a fistful of fizzy Harribos. These are all the post ride treats I … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 7: Standard Ride

After completing Stage 6 with no time to spare yesterday, it seemed unusual to do Stage 7 on the very first day it became available to ride. But truthfully I just wanted to get this one over with. Jungle Circuit is my least favourite of all routes on Zwift. The options were 2, 3, or … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 5: Longer Ride

Yesterday I missed the start of the Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 5: Longer Ride by about 5 minutes. Today I made it by 3 seconds. Due to some work related meeting mix ups, I anticipated hitting this ride at 2pm. As it was, a meeting I’d worked my day around got cancelled, and … Read more