Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 5 – The Big Ring (Longer)

I’m pretty sure I’ve done my left knee some damage, but this one was as good a ride as any to see out the Tour of Watopia Fall 2023. Ahead of this one I’d read that the name of the route, The Big Ring, implies that this one can be taken on, in full, using … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 5 – Coast Crusher (Standard)

The fifth, but not my final stage of this iteration of the Tour of Watopia 2023. I’m aiming to do the Longer ride on Saturday, but that’s not to say this one wasn’t a fair old length, particularly for a lunch time. For the final stage of this Tour of Watopia, we are hitting the … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 4 – Big Loop (Longer)

Another tiring ride. I think that just about sums it up. I was looking forwards to this one. It’s a while since I’ve done the Epic KOM, and after last week’s climb of the AdZ it’s almost like a week off. Almost. It’s still 364m of climb over 9.4km, though the average is only 3.9%. … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 4 – Road to Ruins (Standard)

A new week, a new stage on the second of this year’s Tour of Watopia series. As a midweek ride I opted for the Standard version, so I can fit this one into my lunch break. The Longer variant will be tackled this Saturday. I had another few issues with the Zwift Companion App today, … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 3 – Climber’s Gambit (Standard)

Stage 3 already, three weeks in. It can’t be? Well, apparently it is. So two big rides this week. I believe this is considered the Queen Stage, which I have learned means the hilliest stage. Not entirely sure how Queen + Hills relate, but I’m sure it makes sense in French. I actually thought I … Read more