Delayed By Parents Evening

All being well, I would have been out earlier tonight. I managed to finish just about on time, and the weather outside was lovely. Nice and light, blue skies, little in the way of wind (as best I could discern), and 12c – not too shabby for March.

And then the Mrs came in and reminded me that, hey, Chris, don’t be forgetting we have parents evening tonight.


Well, one saving grace is it was virtual – or phone calls as we used to call them, before the pandemic. So I could at least be dressed and ready to go for when they were over with.

And so I was. Bike prepped, calls done, route chosen, I was out of the door at the first opportunity.

Being that it was late I didn’t get the option of much more than an hours riding time. That limited me to about 20km, all being well.

I picked a route I’ve done before that offered a little bit of everything. Long straights, some country roads, a little short punchy climbing, and generally a decent workout.

Looking at the stats I can’t complain.

If I had stayed inside today it was looking like an RGT Cycling session. Yet again I’ve missed this, but truth be told if outdoors is on offer, I’m heading out every day of the week. All the inside kilometres are about prepping me for the fun of the outdoors.

Looks like I had yet more trouble with the Tickr today. That still is a point of frustration.

In parts I thought I’d done well, but by and large my times overall today were simply average at best. You wouldn’t think so, if you were to feel how knackered my legs feel to me. Not that that’s possible. Not yet, anyway. One day, I’m sure.

What I’m kinda hoping to do is get out tomorrow at dinner time. If the weather is nice, and I’m up for it, that seems the best option. We shall see, I’ve not checked the weather.

4 thoughts on “Delayed By Parents Evening”

  1. Virtual parents meeting, are the kids at school over there or remote learning? We’ve had a couple of mini lockdowns here where our kids did a few days of remote learning, but otherwise they’ve been at school.

    • This school year has been almost exclusively remote learning, pretty much nationwide.

      That all came to an end about 3 weeks ago now – not sure why, just a few old folk have been vaccinated so that seems to have magically solved the problem. Teachers? No. Kids? Hell no. Parents? Some of them, depends on how old you are. They are working downwards from the oldest to the youngest.

      So yeah, bit odd. Kids are back. Parents congregate en masse outside on the playground at 9am and 3.30pm, but one on one with the teacher for parents? No, that’s a remote job. Go figure. It’s not the schools, its the govt making it up, and it does feel very much like it’s all made up.

      We have the Easter weekend coming up soon. I believe it’s the law that you can meet in a garden, max two families(?). Yet mass scale protests are now legal again… so meeting your mum and your brothers in a garden? No. Meeting 10,000 like minded miscreants? Yep, that’s fine.

      Not that I’m cynical or anything 😀

      • Oh wow! Our border and managed isolation workers were vaccinated first. You guys have that over there? Where everyone entering the country goes into govt managed isolation for 2 weeks? Things have mostly been back to normal here, except for a few brief lockdowns over the last few months. Mass gatherings are fine over here.

        Big props for surviving a year with kids home schooling! Me and the mrs were about done after a few weeks of it!

        • We do have border police, no idea if they got vaccinated first. I have a cousin who works for the border police, but he has gone AWOL for years now, so god knows.

          There was talk about isolating people for 2 weeks yes – covid hotels, or something. Truthfully I don’t follow the news. I find it depressing and a waste of mental energy, so I’m not the best placed to tell you anything. I get my news second hand from my Mrs, and through whatever is highly commented on Reddit 🙂

          Normality here is due to resume (afaik) on 12th of April. However, nothing seems to have changed so I expect a spike 3-5 weeks later, and then back we go into lockdown. Mass gatherings here aren’t allowed, but having just cycled through two busy parks today, I can report they are very much happening none the less. People are burned out by it all now, and the youth / college / school kids never took it that seriously to begin with.

          Yeah tbf, we were done after a few weeks too. I suspect they’ve been home for 35-40 of the last 52. Absolutely nuts. But you get used to it, and you get on with it. Least they were safe.

          Glad to hear it’s significantly better your way. It’s apparently still pretty messed up in Europe from what I’ve heard, I suspect true normality is years off at the moment – my guess is 2027-ish. Sadly, that’s not a joke, that’s my honest opinion.


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