Friday Night Live

With illness earlier in the week, I haven’t got a huge amount of kilometres on the board recently. All being well, I’d have liked to have gotten this one in at dinner time, but due to some work meetings I had to postpone this one until later in the day.

Typically on a Friday, as of late anyway, I seem to do the same route. It involves a ride up to Longridge, covering the little short, but steep hill there in one of two directions, and then turn around and head home. The nice thing about this route is it’s a 30km affair without too many busy roads, and by and large, some nice scenery.

One thing that I did differently on this ride to my usual jaunts was to do a bit more out of the saddle riding. I’m wondering if these efforts will show up on the weekly review by way of the ride being more Anaerobic than usual. Be interesting to see.

Heading out today I knew I wanted to do a fairly intensive ride, as I knew when I got home we were going to have a big curry takeaway. As such I wanted to burn off as many calories as possible in order to make some dint in the incoming overage. I’d say burning 800 calories in 1 hour is about my limit, and I have to admit I was surprised it was that high.

What I’m hoping to do is to put in a couple of 30km rides now, back to back, and that should push me over 100km for the week. If I can achieve this, that is some serious save. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t. Honestly I’m just grateful the headache has stopped.

Right then, back to it.

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