Il Gusto

Jeepers. 30 to 40kph winds today, and when they blew, boy did they make themselves known. That was a pretty tough ride when facing the head wind, not helped by me stamping the pedals too hard very early in the ride to avoid oncoming traffic, all before I’d warmed up. From then on I had a twinge in my right calf that persisted the whole ride, so I suspect damage has been done.

But on the plus side, two days rest ahead.

For this one I went out on my fairly typical country-ish routes, aiming for 30km, but settling in the end for 25km. It’s really hard to get in a 30km ride on those routes, as it’s got too much stop / start, and with that wind plus ~160m of climb, and also not doing the full 60 minutes, I guess I should be happy with what I achieved.

Speaking of which, as per I tried to do my usual 20 minute full gas effort, and today set a new 20 minute best over the last 84 days, at 239w. Being outdoors, I am more than happy with this. This comes down to 227w at 95%, and I’d put my FTP around 230w lately if I were to do an indoor test. So overall, I feel like I’m roughly where I thought I was.

I would say that right now I am feeling very fatigued. Two days rest should see me right. After that I’m hoping the weather holds into the weekend (maybe not the wind) and that I can get in a 40km+ ride on Saturday.

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