Short, With Things To Report

I intended to get in a longer session today, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

The weather outside was wet, so it was indoors.

And with that I knew it would be a MyWhoosh session, but I had some connectivity issues. The last few times I’ve managed to get my Assioma Duo’s connected via BlueTooth as both power and cadence, but have had to use ANT+ for the ‘controllable’, and in that instance I need to use the Neo.

For whatever reason, I think the issues I face are with taking some readings from ANT+, and some from BlueTooth.

So I spent ages trying to get everything on BlueTooth, going so far as to unplug the ANT+ dongle entirely. But this caused chaos.

Long story short, I cannot get everything to work only via BlueTooth. That’s annoying. But equally I think this is the crux of my weird connectivity issues all along. So maybe I need a new, or better BlueTooth dongle.

By the time I’d done all that, I was time crunched as I had to be at a family gathering at 2pm, and it was about 13:00 when I got underway. The problem being I needed to shave my head after, then shower, then eat, then dress, then get there… which is a lot to do in 60 minutes when 40 minutes is consumed by a workout.

Needless to say I was late to the party. But still, I got in something of a session. Not as much, nor as intensive as intended. But better than naught.

Then I ate a bunch of junk and drank two beers and threw it all away.

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