Repeating MyWhoosh Endurance 8’s Workout

Truthfully I had no idea I’d done this workout before. But when I went to save the post it complained of a duplicate URL, so I knew I must have done.

The idea behind this workout is fairly straightforward.

We start with a three minute block at 70% FTP, jumping up to 3 minutes at 90% FTP.

From there we go into three blocks of descending intensity. 77, 75, and 73% FTP, each for 8 minutes. Which is where the name comes from.

One thing that really started to trigger me today was the ridiculous number of on-screen air planes in MyWhoosh. It’s like 1 every 20 seconds or so. From jumbos to little propeller efforts – no real world airspace has that sort of thing, perhaps excepting an airshow. Calm it down!

The workout itself isn’t difficult. That’s why I chose it. I wanted something lighter than my usual outdoor efforts.

I had no issues with my pedal connectivity today.

But I think I messed up my setup somehow as I was back to going way over effort. At least now the pedals report the right power output, but the turbo doesn’t rein it in. Progress of some small sort, I suppose.

Not sure what the weather holds for tomorrow, or whether I will ride or skip a day. Have to see how I feel. I do quite like the idea of having Thursday / Friday off the bike though.

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