Laps and Strava Segments

I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of needing to “do something” all day, but with temperatures back up to 24c for most of the day, I couldn’t find it within me to go out and do the route I had in mind. That would have been a ride out to Mellor, hit the short but fairly steep climb there, then grind the uphill back home via Ribchester.

As I’d not done that route early enough – hey, I managed to get a lie in till 10am(!) – I was content enough with the past week’s riding not to need to head out today. Or even, stay in and hit the turbo.

But by 5pm I was so pent up with having essentially done sod all but drink cups of tea and read Reddit all day, I felt that I simply must do something. And so I got my kit on and went out to do laps of my local loop.

It should be said that this route is boring, af. It’s a concrete jungle, and at two ends of it there are traffic lights which really screw with the idea of doing dedicated laps. But it’s also probably the best route round my house to ride that’s long enough to feel like an effort (3.6km) but short enough not to be full of stop / starts at junctions and all that.

In particular today I wanted to test out Strava’s Segment feature. The idea being that I have set a PR on the “Lytham Road Smash” on a previous ride, and wondered if I could beat it today.

Unfortunately not, being the immediate answer here. But in my defense, that was because mid way through the road was shut for road works :/ On a bloody Sunday, too. The cheek.

Anyway I did have another segment loaded, so went off route and hit that instead.

I believe the segment functionality can work with either Strava Segments or Garmin Segments. I certainly wouldn’t be willing to pay the £60 yearly fee for Strava just for this feature. It really wasn’t anything special, at all. I think I was expecting some kind of Zwift leaderboard, but this was a long way off that. Anyway, interesting enough to check out on a free trial.

One other interesting thing that I can now see from Strava’s premium features is the following graph:

This kinda confirms what I already knew: I’ve over done it this week.

I went out not expecting to do too much, but found myself pushing hard on three of the four laps.

Anyway, it caps off another really decent week on the bike. If the jobs market remains as it has done this week, I suspect the forthcoming week will be equally bike-filled. There is a down turn in weather towards the end of this next week, so I guess I’ll be back on the turbo in quick order.

I just wish I could shake this frustrated / miserable feeling of being unable to find work. At least, I hope that’s what it is.

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