Indoor Outdoors: Doesn’t Work

Well, I messed up on today’s ride. Somehow or other I managed to set my Garmin to my Indoor profile, then happily set off outdoors. Bad times.

Long story short, the first 20km of my ride didn’t track… well, it did, but only the calories. Unfortunately the GPS etc didn’t work.

I knew something was wrong about 10km in, and so I stopped to try to figure it out. The problem – as best I understood it – was that the GPS didn’t seem to be tracking my ride. After a bit of messing about, I figured out I had the profile set to “Indoors”.

Changing to “Outdoors” profile, I resumed my ride. But unfortunately, I still didn’t get the GPS working. Thankfully I knew my route fairly well – at least, the first part, anyway.

Once “down the hill” and in Ribchester, it was time to check out the SatNav and figure out where to go next. At this point I realised that my mistake in using the Indoor profile couldn’t be rectified without ending the ride, changing the profile, and then starting a new ride. Sad times.

On the plus side I figured out that you can start a Garmin Course mid-way through by ignoring the “navigate to start” prompt, and then just meeting the route at the nearest point. Good stuff.

With that done, I found out that I was at the bottom of the only climb on the route:

Another segment with Cameron Jeffers on the board, and of course, Matt Moorhouse taking the top spot. I’m happy enough placing in the Top 500 to be fair. That last part got steeeep.

Keen eyed folk amongst you may have spotted that I have Strava Segment data here.

Well, I subbed using the Free 60 Day Trial in order to check out the Garmin / Strava Live Segment integration.

I’ll be honest, either I messed up big time, or that didn’t do very much at all. Really disappointing. I’m going to have to try that out again as I must have done something wrong, somewhere, some how. Maybe I need to check YouTube or something to figure it out.

Anyway, the rest of this ride can be summarised in one word: hot 🌞

It was a frankly boiling hot day. I think I’ve over done it this week for riding, so am definitely taking a rest day tomorrow, and maybe even Sunday, too.

The Garmin ride summary constantly tells me I’m “unproductive”. I haven’t been out “training” as such, just riding for fun, so I take that with a pinch of salt. But I do feel the need to rest now for a bit.

Until the next one.

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