MyWhoosh Tempo #5 Workout on Kluisbergen Route

A tough one today. Tougher than planned, even.

As per, my hardware gave me a rougher deal than I should have received. Here’s how I set it up:

Paired my Favero hardware for cadence and power, but the Tacx Neo controlling the turbo. That’s the issue. But there’s no way around it.

Basically that means my power is reporting correctly, but the game thinks I’m over power and ERG mode is controlled by the Neo so it’s all out of sync.

This becomes more noticable the harder the interval.

Speaking of which, today’s intervals were:

MyWhoosh Tempo #5 Workout

No cadence work, but a good chunk of temp, and then ten minutes of threshold (*) right at the end.

First off, the circuit today – MyWhoosh’s Belgium map, and the Kluisbergen route. Really nice. Very very nice visuals with a castle and old buildings all round the map. The highlight, for me, was riding through the castle. Very cool, simply miles better than the equivalent on Zwift where you go through the courtyard on the Epic KOM ascent.

I was in two minds as to whether to alter the FTP figure for this one.

But when I got underway I figured I’d try it at the values given.

As above, you can see that my target for the tempo block was 191w, but the power I was putting out was more like 205w for the 20 minutes.

Not too difficult, especially with the 5 minute breather after the interval was complete.

But the final two…

Well, unsurprisingly I did not get any pictures of them. It was basically 5 minutes @ 245w, or 10w over FTP. And let me tell you, that was exhausting.

I think it’s funny now that is reporting that I am highly fatigued. But equally it’s nice that my fitness is at it’s 3 month high.

Could I have raced today?

I’m not sure, honestly. It wasn’t that I chickened out. I had work on and I couldn’t easily park it to make the 12 noon slot, and then I had a meeting starting at 1pm which I semi-needed to be in for, but in the end just ended up listening too whilst killing myself on this one.

It’s not even rest day tomorrow!

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