MyWhoosh Tempo #5 Workout on Kluisbergen Route

A tough one today. Tougher than planned, even. As per, my hardware gave me a rougher deal than I should have received. Here’s how I set it up: Paired my Favero hardware for cadence and power, but the Tacx Neo controlling the turbo. That’s the issue. But there’s no way around it. Basically that means … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 19 – Beach Island Loop

I have to say I really didn’t think this whole Advent of Cycling thing through. Doing a ride every day, for 19 days now, has been absolutely bloody knackering. I know I finish on Thursday night, and I know I’ve said it already, but it really can’t come soon enough. The finish line is in … Read more

Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #1. Strength Development

For this afternoon’s ride I was looking for something a little different. Ideally not a blue zone (zone 2?) ride, but something the green zone – a bit harder, but not much. Having used the excellent WhatsOnZwift search and filter system, I found one that looked really interesting: Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #1. Strength … Read more