Wimped Out Of Racing

Deciding not to race today was a decision based on reckoning I’d get hard dropped, and also being conscious of accumulating unnecessary fatigue. I knew I wanted to get in an hour on the bike, but without absolutely slaughtering myself.

FTP Builder session then? Sounds good.

Doing these hour long ‘endurance’ rides indoor is never that fun. As best I understand the science, it’s not really long enough to be that beneficial, but certainly long enough but not too intensive to distract that I focus almost exclusively on how sore my soggy ass feels against the saddle.

I would like to do a race, but honestly I’d be more inclined to do one if I felt I would be at all competitive. Which I never am in B Cat, which I am stupidly forced to ride in. By comparison I checked in on MyWhoosh racing and I would be fine to race in their Cat D – their lowest cat. Also there is prize money to be had racing there. Just saying.

The most interesting thing for me is what I now see on Intervals.icu.

I’m fluctuating between Optimal and just middling form. I’m actually alright with this for the moment, and am hoping that by doing an hours run and a longer walk on Sunday I can tip this back so it’s borderline optimal for the week. It’s nice to see the fitness line steadily rising, and almost worth it to cough up and see where my fitness has been in the past.

But yeah, overall a session with little to talk about, and eyes on the weekend ahead.

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