Not Sweat Free Recovery

Easy does it was the name of the game this afternoon. But why does it always feel knackering, even on an active recovery ride?

Sure, the heart rate might be better than it used to be, hovering as it did around the 120bpm range, but I still very much had my sweat on. And coming into the fourth and fifth intervals my legs were still unappreciative of being made to work, 150w or not.

Much like last week, with three days riding in a row, and with both Tuesday and Wednesday being fairly intense, by today I was feeling it more than I’d have liked. Hence, the recovery. But also with the new Zwift map releases coming this weekend I really wanted to be somewhat fresh for them. And so recovery it was.

For the most part of this ride I was out of Zwift watching YouTube. I kept harping on about it but I’m feeling so bored of Zwift at the moment, never more so than on a recovery ride around the volcano flat route. I must have done that route over 50x at this point, and God knows how many laps that equates too. Feels like thousands.

But it’s the workout that matters.

Pretty happy with cycling / fitness progress overall at the moment. No major step ups but a continual, gradual trend in the right direction.

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