Watts Your Own Wednesday

Super duper easy ride tonight. Feeling it off the back of two intensive hour long rides. This one felt hard enough to get going, but after about fifteen minutes the rhythm was found the and minutes slowly but surely chipped away. I guess the nicer thing about harder rides is there’s very little time for … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 23 – I Wish It Could Be Recovery Every Day

I had to take it easy today. My knees are desperately in need of a proper rest day. Mentally, and physically, today I am feeling thrashed. It’s not helped by a terrible nights sleep – bed at 00:30, up at 04:27 and unable to sleep much after that. Fortunately tomorrow is my last day of … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 14 – Foxy Boxing

I’m going to keep this write up on the brief side as it feels like I’ve only just finished writing up the weekly review. Apparently this was my first time doing the London 8. Not that I used to ride the London map super frequently or anything. But seemingly this is the first time I’ve … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 12 – The Twelfth Night (Well, Afternoon)

Righty, here’s the deal. I’m thrashed. This 24 rides in a row sounds great on paper, but I didn’t think it through. Part of the problem is that I have a saddle sore on my ass that won’t go because I’m not resting it. And another part of the problem is my recent dip in … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 10 – Saddlesaurus

Ow. So after yesterday’s longer ride I ended up with a saddle sore. I can’t say I didn’t try to avoid it. Pre-ride I’d applied a healthy slather of chamois cream to both my ass, and liberally to the gel pad insert of my shorts. However, it didn’t work. I knew today’s ride was going … Read more