Oddball Angles

Screenshots going to look a bit weird today. I put Zwift on my third monitor which is setup in portrait – fine for gaming, but it looks weird from a UI point of view. Anyway, that doesn’t distract from the workout itself.

Well, I say workout…

Yet again I took the easy route. Another FTP Builder session. It’s an hour on the bike. It’s exercise, if not particularly strenous exercise. Next week I shall work harder, I promise

For whatever reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do very much today. This has been the case all week, no change there. Rather than head out into the wind and cold, I opted to stay inside where I could listen to music, watch a YouTube video, and muck around on Discord chat … all at the same time. Hence the funky angles of the screenshots. I had Zwift on the third screen, kinda indicating where it sits in my priority list at the moment.

Perhaps I should feel bad about how I’m doing at the moment. I’m not rightly sure. I do feel like I’m slacking, but equally there’s other stuff at play off the bike / in the real world that I’m not covering here, and that’s (possibly) a large(ish) part of it. Not looking for sympathy or that kind of garbage, I’m just speculating on why, when I get on the bike, I’ve not got the motivation to really stretch myself as of late.

What I’m currently hoping for is a combination of nicer weather outdoors meaning I don’t need to layer up, and a new platform indoors (something like The Sufferfest) will give me a bit of a kick start. I’m also wondering if the lack of clean getaway (aka a holiday out of the country), and knackering work / life balance at the moment is massively contributing.

I guess at the end of the day I did an hour on the bike. Shuttup Chris. Stop moaning.

No strava link today, they are having a major outage so I can’t grab the stats.

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