Recovery Ride Thursdays

For this evening’s ride I wanted something a little less intense. I had planned on doing a particular session which I’d found on WhatsOnZwift earlier in the day, but when it came to it, I couldn’t find it on the PC downstairs, and as I was all kitted up and ready to go, just wanted something … anything, to get loaded up and get me going.

Unfortunately tonight I suffered an absolute ton of technical issues. My WiFi kept dropping out, so about 50% of the ride was spent pedaling around on my lonesome, no one at all in sight. Then it would mysteriously reconnect, populating the world but with riders flying about and diving through scenery.

A real mess, it was.

Anyway the workout itself was basic enough. Just keep pedaling. Not much too it, at all. It’s a while since I’ve done one of the 10-12 Week FTP Builder riders, and this one was about as boring as I remember. Still, it’s 55 minutes done and dusted, and another 28km off the weekly 100km total.

I’m as yet unsure if I will ride tomorrow night.

An option is to repeat the Crit City race from last Friday and see if I can beat my previous time / position.

However, after yesterday’s climb I’m kinda more in the mood to repeat the Tour of Ice and Fire race up the Alpe du Zwift on Sunday morning, instead. That’s a solid workout, for sure.

The one thing that’s on my mind at the moment is I’m only 56km on the week – as yesterday I did an RGT Cycling ride and that doesn’t count on the Zwift metrics. I’m 79km on Strava. Does it really matter where I do the kilometers? I guess not.

Anyway, see how I feel tomorrow. Right now I think I’d rather hit the hill than do the shorter race, but there’s plenty of time to change my mind.

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