Thighs Won’t Thank You

This morning I started my week on clearly very tired legs. Strange, really, considering how I’d felt at the end of Sunday’s climb. I’m not sure if the tiredness was entirely physical, or whether having increased my FTP from 206w to 214w had a mental impact on today’s training session. Almost immediately into the first … Read more Thighs Won’t Thank You

Recovery Ride Thursdays

For this evening’s ride I wanted something a little less intense. I had planned on doing a particular session which I’d found on WhatsOnZwift earlier in the day, but when it came to it, I couldn’t find it on the PC downstairs, and as I was all kitted up and ready to go, just wanted … Read more Recovery Ride Thursdays

Jon’s Mixed Shorts

Had all things gone to plan, I’d have likely either continued my morning routine of getting up early and doing an hour on the bike before work. Or, I’d have put in an hour after work, as has been my norm for the past several months. However, due to some real life commitments, I didn’t … Read more Jon’s Mixed Shorts

Early Morning Sweet Spot Training

For this morning’s ride I tackled a short and sweaty Sweet Spot Training session. It’s still not really yet sunk in that my morning routine has changed from 6:10 wake ups, to ~8am wake ups. But my sleep pattern is still pretty messed up. After waking up at 5:25 (very typical), then snoozing till ~7.30, … Read more Early Morning Sweet Spot Training

Saturday Soft Spin

For this afternoon’s ride I did an FTP Builder session, this time week 8 day 1. The were two reasons for picking this workout: length, and intensity. Due to some real world commitments I ended up late on the bike. I still wanted to get in an active recovery session but ideally one on the … Read more Saturday Soft Spin