Not The Right Ride

The last two days have been fairly high effort rides. Short (under an hour, anyway), but fast (enough). Today should have been an endurance ride. But Zwift don’t massively cater for the “Endurance in Under 30 minutes” type of workouts. Probably because the statement is a total contradiction. Anyway, I should have done a custom … Read more

Jon’s Brutal “Short” Mix

As far as bad ideas go, this was definitely one of them. With the new job I’ve been on conference calls / training sessions the past day and a half. I deliberately skipped yesterday’s ride as I figured I wouldn’t have time to fit one in, along with starting a new job. However, I can’t … Read more

[AoC Day #24] Riding At Home For Christmas

Hoorah, the final day of this years Advent of Cycling challenge is finally here. My legs are eternally grateful. And by eternally I mean until Tuesday when I will no doubt be riding again. Still, two days rest. Hard earned. I realised yesterday that this challenge wasn’t actually 24 days long either, it has been … Read more

[AoC Day #10] Zwift Workout: Sevens

I stayed up too late last night. Stayed up late, and drank beer (though not in that order). The end result of that is I woke up late, and tired this morning. Overslept by 2 hours. On a Saturday. I know, I know… no rest for the wicked though. I have an escape plane in … Read more

[AoC Day #2] Zwift’s Instant Inferno Workout

Today was supposed to be a rest day. But I’m kinda thinking of doing my Advent of Cycling challenge again this year, and as I’m still undecided on whether to fully commit, I didn’t want to definitely blow it on Day 2. However, I also didn’t want to, nor have time to do a longer … Read more