MyWhoosh – Endurance 8’s Workout

It’s interesting really that literally every other platform than Zwift reports my numbers differently. Zwift correctly (in my opinion) takes the value given from the Assioma Duo pedals and uses that to adjust the ERG mode value. All the other cycling software I have ever used takes the value but doesn’t seem to account for it, somehow.

What this means is my numbers are always way higher than the set target.

If the target is 200w, my power at the pedals will be 220w. I’m working harder in real life than is being reported / displayed in the software. It’s extremely annoying.

The solution to this is either do free rides where it doesn’t matter, because I go at whatever pace I go at – no issues there.

Or, adjust the FTP figure.

That’s what I am currently resorting too. And overall it’s fine enough if I drop my in-game FTP To about 215w, then the power target is about 20w lower than I am supposed to hit, but with the 20w extra I am doing, it all seems to balance out.

I’m not savvy enough with MyWhoosh to fully understand whether it is behaving properly overall with regards to the captured data. I can definitely say today that it seemed to glitch on the heart rate tracker. I was rock steady at 130bpm regardless of what I did. Strangely that value was moving happily enough on the Garmin, so that seems to be entirely software related.

The workout itself was intentionally higher intensity than my past four rides. But still, only tempo.

I reckon I can bump this up now – the knee pain is gone. Also any thigh / calf / leg stiffness is gone, too. Thank goodness.

That does leave me wondering what to do tomorrow. I sort of fancy getting my backside handed to me in a Zwift race. But is it a good idea? Perhaps I ought to do another slightly more intensive workout first to continue ramping back up. That does seem more sensible.

I could also try a climb on MyWhoosh. There are plenty available, including their new endurance climb – perhaps unlikely to finish all 50km of that in my lunch break…

Anyway, it’s nice to have options.

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