Ride With Pride 2021 (D)

This morning I took part in my first Pride Ride for 2021. I didn’t actually realise they had started, yet I think I missed the first two already(?).

Today’s ride was a 1.2-2.0w/kg ride around a new Watopia route, Seaside Sprint.

As ever with the Pride Rides, this one was well attended and very welcoming. Comparatively it’s a relaxed pace ride, so I wasn’t anxious as I might be of a typical big and hard Sunday morning Zwift group ride.

The reason I’ve missed these rides is, I think, because I try to get outdoors on the weekend lately, so I don’t even check what’s on Zwift on Sundays. This also means I’ve been missing the Vatternrundan group rides, which I am also a bit disappointed about.

I’ve been feeling a bit sore in the right knee on both yesterday and today’s ride. I probably shouldn’t have gone hard on the sprints, as I did do twice today.

No matter how hard I try, I am yet to hit the top spot in a given event.

The only time I have managed to bag a jersey was by doing a reverse route in Innsbruck, off peak. Still, I think today was the closest I’ve come in an event. Not convinced it was a sensible idea though.

I thought my knee might crack (like a cracked knuckle) and suddenly start feeling normal again. Not so. It’s still the same. It’s not painful, but it feels weird.

Going into this one I figured I would stay on after the ride and carry on till covering 50km.

However,, after this one I had a family thing to sort, so had to jump off the bike. Anyway, I was dripping with sweat and all in need of a shower, so that was no bad thing.

After completing this one, I got an email from Zwift:

Thanks for riding along with us in this week’s Ride with Pride event!

Interested in more? Join us every Sunday in February to celebrate diversity and the LGBTQI+ community in a world filled with Rainbow Ride Ons and fun conversation.

Ride with us next week as we will be taking in the fun sights of Crit City. See if you can spot Scottie or the Zwift van in this social ride!

Complete: Ride with Pride – Zwift email

I’ve never seen Crit City being used in an event this way, so I’d really like to do that ride next week.

What’s odd about the Pride Rides this year is that they only run once per day, on Sundays. At least, that’s as best I can see. Last year I’m sure I remember doing one on a Saturday afternoon. Not sure why it’s not as heavily promoted this year.

Also, no new jersey. Sad times.

That said, if you’re looking for an inclusive and friendly group ride, I cannot recommend the Pride Rides enough. Great people, steady pace that’s friendly to beginners, and a good cause.

Pride on.

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