Stuff I Didn’t Know I Wanted

Last night I came across this review from a fellow cyclist about the Engo Eyewear cycling sunglasses.

I highly recommend reading the review as it’s impartial and detailed, and – weirdly – explains the product in far more detail than the official web page. As an example, take the ‘screenshot’ I used above, and you might think the glasses place all this info right in the middle of your vision.

Not so.

The review explains how the data is ‘above’ your view, so you have to make a deliberate attempt to view it. Makes a lot of sense as having all that info in your eye would be weird and potentially dangerous. Also, the data isn’t smack bang in your eye ball, but projected about 10ft away.

Anyway, I wanted to share this as firstly I had no idea these things existed. And secondly I am looking to upgrade my £20 amazon specials though have been put off by the huge price of Oakleys etc. These are double the price of Oakleys, but have some really cool tech in there.

This is an idea I’ve had myself which seemed way beyond my actual ability to make myself, and I didn’t know such a thing had made it to production. Then again, I guess I’ve never even gone looking.

Pretty cool.

What do you think? Would you wear a pair of these? What about the price? More comments here to peruse, in case you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I Didn’t Know I Wanted”

  1. Hey Chris,

    Very interesting, I’d have to test them IRL to decide. Then I looked at the price! Holy smokes! Many things I need, err want before those make it to the top.

    I guess to put it another way, a mate just scored a 2nd hand SL6 S-Works Tarmac with Roval CLX wheels and full Dura-Ace Di2 for just over x5 what these glasses cost.

    • Awwwww man, I typed out a proper long reply to this and just lost it by hitting the back button. Gutted.

      The gist of it was yeah, way out of my price range. I’d love some nicer sunglasses but the way I treat my pair makes me think twice about a £100 pair, let alone a £400 pair.

      And yeah, I’d rather upgrade my bike… but good luck with that at the moment. I guess the second hand market is the way to go, but much like with cars I am still such a novice I wouldn’t know if I was buying a dudd or not.

      Speaking of things I’d love to test IRL before buying – bone conduction headphones ( – allegedly decent for cycling in terms of sound quality, whilst not blocking the ears so you can still hear traffic etc. I’d probably look to buy them before ever realistically considering these. But maybe in 3-5 years they will have made it to the mass market and be more reasonably / realistically priced?

      Still, very cool.

  2. Oh the Aeropex I do actually have! I purchased mine March this year after ummming and arrrring over Aftershokz for a couple of years. Overall, they are great! Wind noise on fast descents will drown out the sound a fair bit. When I say fast I’m talking 50km/hr and above. Battery life is amazing and you get two charge cables with it, super handy as its proprietary cable. You can pause or skip to the next song by pressing a biggish button on the left side, volume and power are smaller buttons on the right side, forget about adjusting those with winter gloves. As for hearing road noise, far better than normal headphones, you’ll hear an average car, but a Tesla would possibly sneak up on you. I’ve actually started wearing them for longer work meetings over 1.5hrs as they are so damned comfy you can forget you’re wearing them.

    Hope that helps!

    • cool yeah, it does, cheers.

      To be honest, I can only remember one descent where I’ve hit 50kph+ so should be fine 😀 And yeah, that resulted in some chilly ears.

      I don’t wear headphones at all when riding, but there have been plenty of times where I wish I had some. It looks like Amazon stock them, so I shall save up my Xmas vouchers and get myself a pair.


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