Norseman Workout #4: Hardangervidda

Technical issues abound today as I decided – abruptly – to take on the next workout in The Norseman series.

Opting for Innsbruck Forward KOM as the route, this workout actually tied really closely to the climb – at least for the first two intervals.

Right away I was unable to get the Zwift Companion App to work. It loaded, showed the ‘Game’ mode, but none of the buttons worked. That was annoying.

Then as I set off, I was struggling to figure out / remember how to take a screenshot using the keyboard. In the end I figured I could do ‘up arrow’, then scroll to the camera icon, then press ‘return’ whenever I needed a shot.

Unfortunately this seemed buggy. Not only did it seem one step behind (definitely a bug – try moving to another icon, selecting it, then going back to the menu. It remembers the last thing you clicked, not the current thing…), but it also crapped out about 40 screenshots in. Disappointing.

As such I don’t have screens for the full workout today.

In terms of the workout, this one was decent. I’d say it was about as strenuous as Workout #3.

An interesting point is that in the 5 minute breathers between blocks, the on screen text said the break would be 3 minutes long, not 5.

Had it been only 3, this would have been quite a bit tougher.

As it was, I can’t say I found this one challenging, but it was certainly a decent ride out. Not too hard, certainly not too easy, so I guess… just right?

As I still couldn’t get the screenshot functionality to work post-ride, I have had to grab snaps from inside for this one.

Personally, I find those graphs far messier than the in-game ones. But whatever.

There’s a chance I may repeat workout #3 tomorrow. Not sure yet. I’m definitely indoors, and I need something at most around an hour in length. That one seems like a decent bang for my buck.

Or perhaps I could repeat this one and try to get the pictures in full?

Who knows.

About the only other thing of note today is our boiler packed up on Friday. It’s taken 24 hours to get British Gas back out to fix it. They only came last week to service it and gave it the double thumbs up. Anyway, without hot water I haven’t had a bath / shower yesterday. I’ve showered after this ride… but right now I’m very much looking forwards to a nice hot bath.


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