Fun Times On The Bike

Oof. Those hour long recovery rides are a tedious slog, they really are. Sure, it’s a nice easy pace – 4 blocks of 10 minutes at 150w with 2 minute dips in between – but they are soooo boring.

I tried to find some music to keep me occupied, but everything I picked was immediately getting on my nerves. Too slow, too fast, too noisy, too crooner-ish. Bah.

Then I came back into Zwift and found myself surrounded by coco cadence and her cronies.

Anyway, then I swapped over to the GCN Show, followed by another of the GCN episodes where the amateur is prepping for a 312km sportive. I enjoyed that one, as I have done a few other GCN content videos lately, so will make sure I tune in for episodes 2 & 3 next time I have an easier session and some time to kill.

Also today I added the latest Zwift climb to the Zwift Climbing Difficulty page. That would be Rooftop KOM on the new Makuri Islands / Neokyo expansion.

With thoughts turning to doing my next FTP test, and having been a bit brainwashed with the above GCN sponsored content around Wahoo’s rebranding of The Sufferfest (whoops, I forgot the name, the brain washing didn’t work that well), I think I might get back on there and doing a few of the prep sessions.

Honestly, I’m not confident my numbers will have improved. I’d be disappointed if they have dropped, though I strongly suspect I’ve platued somewhat. That’s how I feel, anyway. Maybe some directed training sessions could lift me up… something to think on.

2 thoughts on “Fun Times On The Bike”

  1. Ha! It’s so funny. I came to your website about a year and a half ago to work out how to get an indoor cycling setup. I found the whole thing very exciting. This is the holy grail! You know what? Bloody love just taking my bike out for a ride in the countryside. I was out today. Ice on the roads (Scotland). It was so cold my head hurt. Bloody loved every minute. Strap me to the smart trainer – booorrred! The smart trainer has its place but nothing comes close to the exhilaration of just going out on your bike and careering at top speed down a hill.

    • Yeah, couldn’t agree more. Sometimes I regret calling the site cycling indoors, as whilst that’s how it all started, I vastly prefer the outdoors these days. However, without the fitness I gained indoors I don’t think I would have ever enjoyed outdoors quite as much. For exercise and efficiency, I cannot beat a turbo session. But for enjoyment, outdoors is where it’s at. The one thing I would say though is that racing indoors (on Zwift) is something I cannot get outdoors – that, to me, is the USP for the turbo.


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