Best of 2023: Stage 3 – Rolling Highlands (B)

Another week, another race. Today would be Stage 3 of December’s “Best of” Zwift racing series, featuring two laps of Scotland’s Rolling Highlands route. I have to say, “best of” is a very subjective thing. These are certainly not the races I have performed best on this year. However I did give myself the best … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #5: Long | Steady State

I’m off today as it’s my birthday and I didn’t fancy a repeat of my horrendous 40th birthday last year. That one sucked so bad I’ve decided to never work my birthday again. What that meant is I’ve basically done nothing all day. Just had a guilt free day off. It also does mean I’m … Read more

Zwift Race the Worlds: Stage 5 – City and the Sgurr (B)

Last week I thought we were done with racing on the Scottish roads. But alas no, I had clearly forgotten that a good week remained of August. Wishing my life away? For the fifth and final race of Zwift’s Race the Worlds series we would be taking on City and the Sgurr. It’s less city, … Read more

Zwift Race the Worlds: Stage 4 – Glasgow Crit Circuit (B)

It’s important not to look a gift horse in the mouth. I was expecting between 6 and 8 laps today. We only had to do 5. Bonus. So the game would basically be: how many laps can I hold on for, before I am inevitably dropped on the Clyde Kicker? OK, so bit late on … Read more

Zwift Race the Worlds: Stage 3 – The Muckle Yin (B)

I think I should start this by saying: GOD I HATE BEING IN B-CAT. What a stupid situation to be in. Every week, dropped by a bunch of riders who are so obviously fitter and stronger than me that it’s long since the novelty wore off. How do I get back down to C Cat? … Read more