Taking It Easy Ride

Right-o, a jolly easy ride for me today. I have to say, this week I am feeling knackered. Knackered. With a kapital K.

I don’t know if it’s just the first week back at work, or the “hangover” from over eating junk last week, or the two harder rides (comparatively speaking) this week, or the fact I seem to spend most of my days now stood up (standing desks ftw(?))… but something about me is screaming THANK GOD TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!

Ideally I’d have liked to hit the 100km marker today. But with the very short notice national lock down / home schooling situation, my plans have been pretty much tossed wholesale out of the window. I’ve been lucky to get two hours on the bike this week without much argument from my wife. Pushing for another after work ride today didn’t sit pretty. So, later than planned, and with my tea going cold, I stayed on as long as I could before calling it quits.

I’m taking a rest day tomorrow. My plan is to do something on Saturday and Sunday. Chances of getting outdoors for Sunday’s ride as slim, but I can cross fingers and toes and pray that the snow melts, the sun comes out, and the mercury tips above 3 degrees C for a few hours. It’s a dream to cling too.

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