Team 3R’s Choice: Stage 5 Longer Race A/B

Here endeth the Tour! Through mismanagement of my part, I missed the entirety of Stage 5 proper, and so was left to take part in the catch up days. Fortunately Zwift have changed this up – and for the better. Rather than having specific days for each Stage as all previous Tours I remember, now … Read more Team 3R’s Choice: Stage 5 Longer Race A/B

Israel Start-Up Nation Medical Aid Ride (B)

This afternoon I took part in the Israel Start-Up Nation Medical Aid Ride. The purpose behind this ride is a good one: I confess to having an ulterior motive to attending also – this ride being 40km, it would take over my 100km weekly riding goal. And if I were to head out tomorrow on … Read more Israel Start-Up Nation Medical Aid Ride (B)

Sweet As A Nut

I took a late lunch today and got in an hour on Zwift. Much needed, as my stress levels are higher than they ought to be. It feels like an age since my last SST session – and at 6 weeks, it kinda is. This is a result of illness and also a change in … Read more Sweet As A Nut

Dinner Time Spin

For a change I managed to get on the bike at dinner time (lunch time to posh people) today, which was definitely nicer for my sleep schedule than an early morning ride. And definitely more peaceful than an evening ride. Mostly I sat watching a movie (Once upon a time in Hollywood) rather than paying … Read more Dinner Time Spin

Routine Bean

Continuing with the (potential) startings of a new morning routine, I managed to rouse a little earlier than yesterday and be dressed and ready to cycle by 07:40. Unsure what workout to complete, I opted for another jaunt of the Sweet Spot Training session I completed yesterday morning. Maybe I need to pre-plan the night … Read more Routine Bean