It’s Good, But It’s Not Quite Right

Like yesterday, today was first and foremost about getting the cleat position dialled in. As per the rather witty title, I’m still not 100% happy with my left cleat position, but it’s better than it was. I’m guessing I only need a minor tweak now, which I haven’t yet made. I’m noticing my knees are … Read more

Pussyfooting Around

Oh dear, oh dear. Whilst I was away in Scotland over the weekend, I managed to severely bugger up my toe. I don’t think that’s the technical medical terminology, but it’s the way I’d describe it to a fellow Northerner. To set the scene, when I got home yesterday my toe had swollen up to … Read more

Asleep At The Wheel

And no, I don’t mean because this workout is dull. I mean because I stayed up far too late over Easter weekend, and having worked all day now and done a hard ride yesterday, I’m just flat out zonked. Fortunately, it’s another 4 day week here in the UK. Thank heavens for small mercies. Even … Read more

Zwift Academy 2020: Workout 8 | Anaerobic Depletion

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally completed the Zwift Academy 2020 workout. And with this one being an anaerobic workout, I have managed to kill two birds with one stone this week. I hit on a few issues during this ride – but by and large I gave it my all. Let’s … Read more