50 Minutes of Light Pedaling

How do you put on weight? Two meals out in the space of 3 days. Yep. After all that hard work on Sunday, I feel like I’ve reset the clock with two 3-course meals in a very short period. And likely over the Xmas period, things will only get worse. Last night I wanted to … Read more50 Minutes of Light Pedaling

Zwift – The Wringer

I’m starting off in an unorthadox fashion for this write up, as the timeline graph is by far and away the most interesting thing about this ride. Essentially this is 12 repeats of 30 seconds @ 410w, with decreasing rest periods between each interval. Mercifully, the rest intervals are at 100w. In a bid to … Read moreZwift – The Wringer

Zwift 45min Riders Choice – Classique

For this evening’s ride I continued with my pre-planned schedule which meant doing 45 minutes of rider’s choice. Okay, it was supposed to be 60 minutes, but I can over rule myself. You may, or may not, have seen that today, Zwift launched a beta version of their steering / mountain bike course. As you … Read moreZwift 45min Riders Choice – Classique

London Classique – 45min Riders Choice

For today’s ride I um’ed and ahh’ed for a little too long when choosing what to ride, meaning I only ended up with about 50 minutes to spare. I was debating between one of the FTP Builder rides, one of the Zwift Academy rides, or something completely off plan. The FTP Builder rides were all … Read moreLondon Classique – 45min Riders Choice

Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #1: Threshold Development

With my Zwift FTP Builder schedule currently on short term hold, I opted for another of the Zwift Academy 2019 workouts today. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the early morning group ride (due to hang over) so opted to ride solo. In order to ride solo, by the way, you can simply select the … Read moreZwift Academy 2019 Workout #1: Threshold Development