Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 6: Long Ride

Stage 6 of the Tour de Zwift 2022 today, and was this the hardest stage? I’d have to say I found this one about as physically tiring as the Alpe du Zwift climb, and by and large the times and wattages were roughly equal. This was certainly an intensive workout. The route today was The … Read more

4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 1 – HIT 80% FTP #1

Gotta keep it fairly quick today, only just finished work and off out for my tea in less than an hour. I can almost hear you saying: “that’s fine, you write too much anyway”. I don’t take it personally. Had all been well today I might have opted for another of the Norseman series – … Read more

It’s Good, But It’s Not Quite Right

Like yesterday, today was first and foremost about getting the cleat position dialled in. As per the rather witty title, I’m still not 100% happy with my left cleat position, but it’s better than it was. I’m guessing I only need a minor tweak now, which I haven’t yet made. I’m noticing my knees are … Read more

Pussyfooting Around

Oh dear, oh dear. Whilst I was away in Scotland over the weekend, I managed to severely bugger up my toe. I don’t think that’s the technical medical terminology, but it’s the way I’d describe it to a fellow Northerner. To set the scene, when I got home yesterday my toe had swollen up to … Read more

Asleep At The Wheel

And no, I don’t mean because this workout is dull. I mean because I stayed up far too late over Easter weekend, and having worked all day now and done a hard ride yesterday, I’m just flat out zonked. Fortunately, it’s another 4 day week here in the UK. Thank heavens for small mercies. Even … Read more