Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 7 [Run]

A touch annoying that I have, yet again, missed a stage. Though this time around it’s because Zwift run shorter than 1 week stages, not because of any injury on my part. Thankfully.

I guess that’s now two to complete in make up week. That should be fun.

This one clocked in at 4.1km, which felt short. I was unsure why it was so short compared to previous weeks. However it was because the run would have been super steep, had it been done as displayed on-screen.

This one took place on the New York map, taking in the New York KOM Forward. I definitely did not do any of the incline.

But as this one was shorter than what I have been doing, what I did instead was set the 5km run goal and run the full 5km, taking on the extra ~900m after this one officially finished. I figured I might as well get my body used to doing 5km / 30 minute runs.

It wasn’t all plain sailing today. I did manage to get on the treadmill at about 13:30, with the aim of doing the 14:00 start time. Plenty of time to get warmed up, make sure I had all my kit, and so on.

That went fine, but several times in that warm up, the Zwift Runn thing began cutting out. I had no idea why – and after disabling and re-enabling BlueTooth, disabling it on my phone to make sure it wasn’t intefering, and then recalibrating everything using the Configurez app, I was stumped.

Then I saw the light had gone out on the Zwift Runn!

Whoops. Yes, you are supposed to charge the Zwift Runn, and I never did. Not since it arrived.

It was definitely fortunate that I had taken a longer warm up, long enough to notice – and crucially – fix this. However by the time I had mucked around setting up the charger, I had less than 2 minutes to go. And I hadn’t done any stretches – only a light / 4kph walk for 10 minutes or so.

Anyway, not much could be done about that. I hoped it was possible to run with the Runn on charge (it is), and off I went.

My start was slower than planned, and very quickly I realised I’d forgotten my towel.

But it was nice to run with others – and I was running with more than I have ever run with today. Also I’m used to it now. I’m used to the effort, the intensity and the pace. So it went by fairly quickly. Helped along by a Carl Cox set, I should add.

I also ran today at 10.7kph, which is another 0.1kph faster than I have been doing. So yet more new PBs.

I think I have just one more event now, and then I have no idea how Make Up Week will work. Hopefully it’s longer than just one week. But honestly I’m not that fussed if I can’t make the whole set. The kit isn’t to my taste, and beyond that I am in the routine of doing the runs now so I’ll just stick with it, I think.

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