Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 6 [Run]

Well there we go. Had you told me before Christmas that I would run seven 5K’s, and walk one before the middle of February was out, I would have questioned your sanity. However, here we are. And that is what I’ve done. Yes, I had to walk one – and boy howdy was that a … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 2 [Run]

Out of order, but the show must go on. Make up week is here, and I’ve dodged the eye liner and lippy, and instead have donned my runners for the first of two 5k’s to be ticked off this week in order to finally complete the Tour de Zwift 2024 Run. I wasn’t sure I’d … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 8 [Run]

As covered yesterday, it made the most sense to switch out today’s mid-week ride with the Tour de Zwift 2024 Stage 8 Run, such that I do not have to do 3 runs pretty much back to back next week. The issue is that during the course of the Tour de Zwift, I have missed … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 7 [Run]

A touch annoying that I have, yet again, missed a stage. Though this time around it’s because Zwift run shorter than 1 week stages, not because of any injury on my part. Thankfully. I guess that’s now two to complete in make up week. That should be fun. This one clocked in at 4.1km, which … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 5 [Run]

Stage = 5, actually completed stages = 4, stages which I ran = 3. Yeah last week was a bad time. But I completed it all the same and somehow I have only missed one event. My plan is to complete that one during male up week.  But that’s all the past and the future. … Read more