Zwift Running 101 – Your Best Mile

I probably wouldn’t have done a run today had it not been for the Zwift Running 101 plan telling me my “best 1 mile run” workout was about to expire. Not getting to run. That would have been a shame. Though to be fair that’s exactly why I am using the training plan. There’s no … Read more

ZWIFT 101: Running – What Is My Body Doing? Tempo!

It’s taken me several days to get my legs back in good running order since my first attempt at Zwift running. I realise now that my initial calibration was simply too fast for my ability. It should be said that in a similar vein to the way Zwift cycling clearly expects you to be beyond … Read more

My First Zwift Run

My wife’s treadmill arrived this morning. And then at dinner time, the Zwift Runpod got dropped off, too. Here’s a laugh: The treadmill weighed 88kg in the box. The runpod, a whopping 0.05kg. Guess which one cost £7.99 delivery, and which one cost £6.95? Yes, that’s right, this little orange widget was the higher priced … Read more