Definitely Not Perfect

Some good, some bad today.

I’ll start off with the bad – the knee is good, but not perfect.

I chose a workout that I don’t believe I have done before, picking one from (as best I recall) the Sweet Spot section on Zwift’s workout menu. But in reality I was looking for tempo.

Here’s the overview of this one, courtesy of WhatsOnZwift:

Going into this one I didn’t realise it was low cadence work.

The aim of this one was to complete the tempo blocks at 65rpm, which even when my knee was spot on would have been a real chore.

The on-screen prompts told me to spin at 65rpm, but consider bringing that higher if I was suffering from soreness in the knee(s). Yikes. An ominous portent.

Well, I tried to do the 65rpm work, giving it a stab for the first 4 minutes or so of the first block. But I could feel the pain, and not in any good way at all. So I ditched that idea and ramped it back up to 95ish rpm, where I’m comfortable.

That’s all the bad stuff.

The good stuff is I got through it, and no issues at 95rpm.

It was nice to be pushing a little harder, but also a little disappointing in that I thought I was basically 100% again now, and clearly I’m not.

But again, good that I discovered this in an ‘easier’ session, rather than going into a race (like I said I might) or doing an SST session and damaging it further.

Hopefully no damage done this way.

As it is now I have a rest day tomorrow, and then a run on Saturday. Sunday will be a walk. Rest day Monday. So not back on the bike for 4 days, if my maths isn’t too shonky.

I want to do more. I really do. But it is what it is, and it’s probably best to be building back up at the pace I am.

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