Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 8 [Run]

As covered yesterday, it made the most sense to switch out today’s mid-week ride with the Tour de Zwift 2024 Stage 8 Run, such that I do not have to do 3 runs pretty much back to back next week.

The issue is that during the course of the Tour de Zwift, I have missed two of the eight stages, due to short weeks, recovery, and injury.

What this means is that I will do my SST ride on Saturday, all being well.

Anyway, all good.

This should then, have been the last run of the Tour de Zwift 2024. But as above, I’ve missed two stages so it wasn’t my last run.

I’ve decided I won’t stop running after the Tour de Zwift is over, either. I can’t say I enjoy it as much as cycling, but I do like the variety, and I do like being able to run for far longer than I previously could. My aim is to run 5km or so every week, just to keep it up. I’m also quite keen on trying out some of the Zwift running workouts.

As is pretty common with Zwift events, the numbers drop off a cliff as the series goes on. I think 22 started today’s run, which is my first mid-week Zwift run, so I don’t have many to compare it too. However by comparison the 1pm Ride event had over 1,000 participants. I’m sure I remember there being around 80 or so in my first run.

Not that it really matters.

For whatever reason, my chosen pace – 10.7kph today – seems to put me out solo. I guess people either run at 10kph, or 11kph, rather than at some value in between.

It doesn’t bother me. I’m still gradually ticking my number up, with the aim of going up 0.1kph every run until I hit a pace I feel is unsustainable over the 5km distance.

As a result, today I managed to run a mile in under 9 minutes. I got an achievement for that. Again, mega progress from where I was just 5 weeks ago.

One bad thing today is that I managed to boot my Zwift Runn off the treadmill with about 1 minute left before the event. I have been thinking for a while that I need to move that gadget to the back of the treadmill for that very reason. I’ll do that later this evening.

Other than that though, I cannot say I have yet experienced a runner’s high, but I am very glad that running for ~30 minutes now is nowhere near the crazy ask it was at the end of 2023.

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