Long Tempo in London

No doubt about it, that’s the hardest work I’ve done on the bike in weeks. All in all, I feel pretty much back to normal now, thankfully. Not getting any knee pain during or after the ride, and this was a pretty taxing effort so if I was, that would have made it known.

This one was a preemptive ride, ahead of doing an SST session, after which I will officially ‘sign myself off’ the sick list and get back to doing what I enjoy most – which is racing. Or losing. But taking part all the same.

In between now and then, I am wondering whether or not to do the Tour de Zwift Stage 8 Run tomorrow instead of at the weekend. The reason for this is because the make up week begins, I believe, on Monday, and I need to do two runs that week. I’d quite like not to do 3x 5k runs in 7 days. I feel that would be a bit much.

Potentially then, the plan is run tomorrow, rest Friday, ride SST on Saturday, then walk Sunday, rest Monday, and run once mid-week, and the last one next Saturday. I feel that gives me the best run to recovery ratio.

But yeah, overall a decent day and whilst a tougher session than I expected, it feels good to be back to my old self.

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