10w Extra = 1.5km

First time doing Zwift’s 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 5 Day 1 at 160w today. This is a workout I do fairly frequently as a laid back recovery ride. It’s at the very bottom of a zone 2 / endurance / blue zone ride for me.

For as long back as I can remember I’ve been doing this workout at 150w for the 8 minutes on, whereas today was at 160w. Honestly, no noticable difference in the effort.

Where it did differ was in covering an extra ~1.5km in distance over the same period. As Tesco say: Every Little Helps.

Aside from that, there’s really not a whole lot to cover in a blog post about a recovery ride, save for I got chance to watch Episode 4 in the GCN / Zwift Academy 2021 series, which I am really enjoying. I love this kind of content. At 30 minutes, it kills off a significant portion of the ride, and with interruptions from my wife causing me to stop / start the video, I can add at least another 5 minutes on to that 🙂

Sadly I’ve had the men’s side of things spoiled for me, but I’m still in the dark on the women’s winner. Makes for a more engaging watch. I’ll probably leave Episode 5 – the final – until my next recovery ride.

So yeah, that’s me for today, and for weekday rides this week. Tomorrow is a rest day. I may treat myself to some new cycling kit actually. I’m still using some really cheap bib shorts for indoor riding – these ones – and compared to the Mavic stuff, the padding is absolute garbage. Looks like there’s yet another sale on at Sigma Sports (it’s like DFS!) so I might sneak in a few purchases. Treat myself. Why not?

Oh, and lastly, my revised cleats have arrived. 9 degrees of float is just absolutely ridiculous. So I can now swap back to 6 degrees I believe it is, as came with the Assioma Duo pedals. Hurrah. Yet more cleat fiddling. Just what I love.

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