£2.50 A Ride

£2.50 a ride.

No, not the local bus service, though I suspect it’s not too far off that these days. I am, in fact, referring to the high price I’m currently paying for my Zwift subscription.

Most of my riding these days seems to be outdoors. So I do question the value of an indoor cycling subscription when I’m so rarely on the turbo.

However, when I do need to be inside – whether to do a recovery ride, or as per today, because of rain – it’s easiest to get my lazy backside on to Zwift. All I want from my turbo sessions lately is a sensible recovery-ish pace, and ERG mode to ensure I don’t do anything stupid.

It’s nice to ride with the tunes on, I do know that. Though I always find myself struggling to know what to listen too. I really ought to create a playlist ahead of time. I guess that goes for life though, not just on the bike.

Aside from my ramblings, not a right lot to report today. A steady start to the week. If the weather remains wet, I shall be back on Zwift tomorrow. You never know, one of these days Makuri Islands might be on rotation and I can experience something new!

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