No Sweet Beats

It’s been a while. Four months, actually. But today I decided it had been long enough, and got back on with an SST session. This one would be taken at my new FTP, which I have actually forgotten what that figure is. Whatever it is, it meant riding at 210w off, and 225w on. Or … Read more

Lunch Time Fat Burner

Wow wee. I am knackered. That was absolutely killer. There are plenty of people who bash Zwift workouts. And maybe rightly so. I’m not a professional, I’m not a racer, I don’t really know the good training programs or workouts from the bad. But sweet spot training has to be one of the best bang … Read more

Sweet Spot Fail – Where Did I Go Wrong?

This afternoon I finished work early, deliberately, in order to get in a solid hour on the bike. With two rest days since my last ride I was hoping to be fresh faced and bushy tailed, perfectly ready to get through a sweet spot session. In truth I was expecting this one to be hard. … Read more

Only Smarties Have The Answer

How about pulling the muscle in the back of your thigh whilst getting up from your office chair to go get dressed for the bike? Well that’s how I started my ride today. What an absolute lemon. But yet again, as I have been exceedingly lucky with at the moment, this pain didn’t seem to … Read more