30km On The Flats

For this evenings ride I took on a Sweet Spot Training workout, using Fuego Flats route to clock up as many kilometers as possible during the workout. Yesterday was an intensive yet low distance start to the week, so I have plenty of catching up left to do. There really isn’t too much to report … Read more 30km On The Flats

Friday Night SST

Well, Thursday night’s ride went out of the window. This was due to some work related commitments. By the time I’d finished up, it was time for tea, and after tea I never want to get on the bike. So here we are, Friday night, where I’d really rather not ride the bike and instead, … Read more Friday Night SST

Sweaty Sweet Spot Training

Tonight I opted for another bout of Sweet Spot Training (Short). I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: This is a solid, sweaty workout. A great way to put in 50 minutes on the bike. I wasn’t really in the mood for getting on the bike tonight. Even with last night’s recovery … Read more Sweaty Sweet Spot Training

Wednesday Night Sweet Spot Training

Tonight I continued with my harder workouts idea, going for another Sweet Spot Training (Short) session, which is: 4x 5 minutes at 190w 4x 5 minutes at 175w Alternating between the two, it’s a solid workout that I feel is really helping me improve my fitness. This is the third time I have completed Sweet … Read more Wednesday Night Sweet Spot Training

Sweet Halloween Dinos

For this evening’s ride I indulged in a session of Sweet Spot Training. However, I messed up during my incessant screenshotting, and accidentally hit tab during the end of the first interval, and so ended up doing a little ad lib’ed training at the end. There were plenty of new things to see in Watopia … Read more Sweet Halloween Dinos