Another week, and another uptick. If you haven’t been following along – and if not, I don’t blame you – but I started these SST sessions about a month ago now after some recovery, and couldn’t complete the session at 100% FTP. Instead I dropped down to 96% FTP Bias and have been ticking it … Read more

96% Bias

Saturday’s SST attempt was a massive struggle. Yesterday I ran, and today my legs overall were not feeling great. It wasn’t a strong starting point to think about re-doing the SST session. But I was determined. Reckoning I wouldn’t get through another attempt – just yet – at 100% – I dropped the FTP bias … Read more

Run Flat Legs

Lots of running related things today. Only yesterday I reported that I bought a Zwift Runn – less than 24 hours later it’s here, and ready to be installed. The installation doesn’t look that straightforward, but that’s for a different post. I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Also at lunch time I went and … Read more

New Years Revolutions

A week off the bike. Actually, just a little bit over. And boy, did I pay for that today? Turns out that sitting around in your dressing gown eating chocolate, mince pies, and drinking booze is not conducive to making exercise any easier. I wasn’t going easy on myself today. With a full week’s rest … Read more