Not The Most Taxing Task Today

Phew. I knew this one was going to be a bit of a chore when the very first interval bit harder than I was expecting. In fact, you know you’re in for a shift when you’re already getting hot and bothered in the warm up ramp. However, with daddy day care on the horizon later … Read more

Eeee Fish n Chips

Now, there’s a post title you almost certainly will be baffled by if you’re not from the North, or perhaps, never played Worms as a kid. Or both, you know… whatever, right? Maybe I’ve gone a little delirious after my lunch time Sweet Spot Training session. One thing today was that I’m sure my heart … Read more

PC Problems Persist

Picking an SST session for today’s ride meant I absolutely needed to fit that in over lunch or I knew I wouldn’t be in the mood later in the evening. All good though, I managed to get the time today, even though it meant cutting my 2pm meeting exceptionally fine. I’ve had to shake things … Read more