Only Smarties Have The Answer

How about pulling the muscle in the back of your thigh whilst getting up from your office chair to go get dressed for the bike? Well that’s how I started my ride today. What an absolute lemon. But yet again, as I have been exceedingly lucky with at the moment, this pain didn’t seem to … Read more Only Smarties Have The Answer

I Need Recovery

No doubt about it, I struggled big time with today’s SST session. In hindsight I kinda knew I would, before hand. My day didn’t quite go to plan, and with the kids in what, week 11 of the lock down, I’d hit my stress limit by 4pm and decided a fairly intense bike ride was … Read more I Need Recovery

Indoor Sweet Spot Training

For this evening’s ride I took on another SST session. The difference being that today’s session was completed indoors on the turbo, versus yesterday which was outdoors on the open road. Right off the bat I will say I found this session harder in so much as there was no slacking off. No coasting. No … Read more Indoor Sweet Spot Training

Outdoor Sweet Spot Training

For this afternoon’s ride I wanted to get in one last outdoor session before the weather takes a down turn. Although, that said, tomorrow is still expected to be another 24c day, but this time… with showers. Fair enough, saves on watering the lawn. Not that I do that, but … well, ya’ know. Anyway, … Read more Outdoor Sweet Spot Training

Over Cadence

For this afternoon’s ride I opted for an SST session, hitting Yorkshire’s Tour of Tewit Well route. The big “mistake” as such I made on this one was to go at too high a cadence. For whatever reason I couldn’t seem to stop myself from spinning closer to 100rpm – averaging 99rpm for the ride … Read more Over Cadence