It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok-ish

Those are the lyrics that Whitney Houston would have penned, were she recovering from a fall all the while trying to get back on her bike as quickly as possible. Definitely, things are not right. They are OK enough to ride… but only just. I have to say, I’m in quite a bit of pain.

However, I will keep that – and some more stuff – for the weekly review (which I am about to write immediately after this, so there).

Now, even if I had wanted to go outdoors this morning, I couldn’t have done. It’s wet and horrible and generally not ideal riding conditions. But I didn’t want to head out this morning. As my shoulder is hurting I knew the sensible route was to stay on the couch, so instead I went on Zwift.

The idea with a Zwift ride was to keep things light and under control. This is pretty much what I have been saying I should have been doing as recovery / getting back into riding, rather than keep heading outdoors. However I think I’ve done the damage already by being outdoors, and so any riding is resulting in pain. Which sucks.

Beyond the complaints however, this one was as routine as it gets. The only difference today was in the minor headscratching regarding Zwift’s new menu system. I like that they are making changes big enough to be visible front and centre. It shows that at least some percentage of the VC investment money is going into the product, rather than the moonshot standalone bike.

Anyway, that’s about it for me on this one. An easy ride, well under control, and likely exactly what I should have been doing all along. Well done Chris, we got there eventually. Now… to head back outdoors. Hey, you must have realised I’m an idiot by this point, right?

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