Missed It By 5

Tonight should have been Stage 5 of the TdZ 2021 for me, but I missed the 4pm start time by ~5 minutes, unfortunately.

I could have waited the full hour until the 5pm start time, but I’d just be killing time for the hour, unable to make tea because I’d be on the bike for ages after, and all in all, it just made more sense to do something now, rather than wait.

So I picked an FTP Builder session, and got stuck in.

This one was slightly different to the usual 5 or 6 blocks of 9 minutes at endurance. This was a couple of 5 minute ramps, and then 4x 3 minutes @ 205w, and 3 minutes @120w.

It was a bit more intense, but equally a bit more interesting.

Even so, I wish I’d have got my chance at the Volcano After Party ride. Not sure when the Stage 5 rides finish, but hopefully not before tomorrow. All being well, I should be able to finish work with enough time to spare to get on the bike for the 4pm set off.

Aside from that, not a whole lot to report today. So I’m going to keep it brief and end it there.

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