Monday Night With Emily

I want to say “short and sweet” tonight, but a more accurate phrase might be “short and sweat”. Lovely stuff. Honestly, this one was about as hard as Emily ever gets. Those intervals are no fun, and the final 6 minutes are a killer.

Today I think I struggled more in the second set of reps. In particular the two minutes at 275w was really tough for me. That feels like harder than I’ve worked on the bike in a while, to be fair.

And that’s the thing with indoor training. It’s so much more efficient than the outdoor stuff. There’s just no way I’d (consistently) punish myself like that when out on the open roads. It’s often not even safe, nor practical to do so.

Tonight was actually nice enough to get out on the bike. But with starting the new job, I just didn’t have it in me today. But boy, did I need a workout. I needed to destress. Sitting in front of a computer all day, thinking, learning, and occasionally typing (honestly, software development is a lot less keystroke intensive than you might think), is mentally exhausting.

I felt like I really needed to get out of the house. Unfortunately it was 19:30 at this point, and with the kids in the bath, the only real option was a quick smash on Zwift. I feel like a few more of these sessions are on the cards in the short term future. Bit frustrating as well, as the weather is looking really nice later this week.

The alternative is to get up and out early doors, and get some open road sessions in. But right now I am not as downbeat on Zwift as I was a few weeks back. I think having a long-ish break has done me good. I’d like to try and get more outdoor stuff in as much as possible before winter hits and I lose the option, but it seems Watopia isn’t quite as worn out as it felt a few weeks prior.

OK, I still have plenty left to do today, and not much time to do it. So, with that. I’m out.

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