Rapha Cake

Today was down as a recovery day. The plan was to do the Zwift Academy Recovery Ride 2, which would be the final structured activity to tick off the list for this years ZA.

However, there wasn’t a suitable time. I wanted to ride at 12 noon, but the only available rides were RR1 at 1pm, and then RR2 at 2pm. No good. I have meetings at 2pm. Besides, it’s the middle of the afternoon.

Anyway, a glance out of the window showed the ground was still dry – so I figured what the heck, why not do a “recovery” ride outside instead? After all, my outside recovery rides always go to plan. I never, ever over do it.

Besides, it would be a great excuse to try out my new Rapha Brevet longsleeve jersey. At about £140 (if memory serves) this is by far the most expensive single piece of cycling specific clothing I own. Well, disregarding the shoes. And the helmet. But if it does the job, it’s money well spent, right?

By the way, as much as I love this jersey I do think the colours should be called “toothpaste blue”. I look like a pack of Colgate or something.

Well, conditions today weren’t sterling. It was windy, all manner of golden brown autumnal leaves blowing everywhere. And at 12c it wasn’t particularly warm either.

But I was toasty AF in just my jersey and a short sleeve base layer. I’d call that a result. Also, it’s lovely and soft which suits me just dandy. Those gigs need changing though. I wish I could justify buying some of them Oakleys or whatever, but not right now. Hell, there’s no sun. I only wear them to stop the wind and rain. Rain glasses. It’s the future.

I could have cut this ride short today. But when I got back from my out lap, I still wanted to carry on riding. So off I went around a small part of the Guild Wheel and stretched things out a little further. Good stuff.

Hopefully I will get out again tomorrow. I’d really like too.

The only downer today? Garmin said the whole thing had been “unproductive”.

You know what? Not every ride is a training ride. Sometimes I just ride because I want too. Stupid bloody spoil the fun Garmin.

2 thoughts on “Rapha Cake”

    • The local ladies expressed an interest in seeing my unshaven ankles 🙂

      I can’t bring myself to wear long socks with bib shorts. Also I’ve had comments about white socks too.

      Honestly, if you think my bike fashion sense is bad, you should see the stuff I wear in real life 😀


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