Protesting Legs Say No Thank You

There have been weeks in my past where I’ve already almost hit my weekly targets by the end of Wednesday. Not so this week, where I only got on the bike for the first time today. And even that was a push.

With protesting legs, I really wasn’t in the mood for a ride. And certainly not a harder ride. Now, an SST session isn’t a hard hard ride. It’s not particularly easy, nor really that enjoyable, but it’s not killer either. It is just in the sweet spot between too hard and too easy. Hey, maybe there’s something in the name.

Anyway, I made myself get on. And I had to get on early as there would be no chance of riding after work today. Not until later in the evening anyway, which I didn’t want to do.

And rather than wimp out and do something easy I forced myself to do the SST ride knowing it would be fairly punishing, but hopefully not too punishing that I’d torpedo my week.

See, I do have to do the Finish Line ride for Zwift Academy 2021 at some point this week. So my plan here is to do the Recovery Ride tomorrow that I am also forced to do, then do the Finish Line ride on Friday, when I will have more freedom to structure my day properly.

With regards to this one today, the only real thing to note was that I mucked up and thought I was on my last interval when, in fact, I still had one to go. Oh boy, was I sad when I didn’t see the “it’s all downhill from here” message when I expected it to pop up. A glance at the intervals and that moment of realisation. My legs protested.

Thankfully I got through it all the same.

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