Zwift Academy Recovery Ride Open (Again)

One that I had to do today. And thankfully as this one wasn’t a ‘guided’ ride, I could do whatever the heck I felt like without feeling like I wasn’t doing it improperly.

So the ride aim was simple: stay within the “grey zone” or recovery area. Effectively don’t go above ~125w for the 45 minute duration.

Now, Zwift make this harder than it ought to be by sending us off on a hilly route. This, I feel, is rather silly. But I get their reasoning. They want us to see Makuri Islands. All good, and rather nice it is, too.

Ultimately though this one was just a box ticking exercise. And I do use the word exercise loosely. Sure, it’s better than being sat on your arse for 45 minutes, but really, not by much. Heck, I didn’t break a sweat. Nuts.

Anyway, it frees me up to do the Finish Line ride. I’m not particularly looking forwards to that, truth be told. Partly because after yesterday’s ride I felt my right knee hurting, as though I’d strained it. On the plus side, today’s recovery ride was the perfect follow up to that as a result. Well, either that or not riding.

The Academy runs until 24th October, so if the weather permits, I’m going to try and get out over the weekend. If it doesn’t, I’ll do this final ride and be done with it. I reckon I’m going to suck at it.

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