Rebuilding A Routine

Watopia seems somewhat busier than I remember it.

In a bid to get back to some form of normality after my recent spate of illnesses, I decided an easier session would likely be a decent way to get some constrained kilometers on the clock.

I’ve found myself over eager to try and meet my weekly riding goals (100km distance, 3 hours riding) since I resumed exercising on Wednesday this week.

Given the various ups and downs, and new learning experiences this week has held in store, I’m probably pushing myself too hard, too fast at the moment.

So the idea of this ride was to force myself to slow down.

However as it was essentially 6 intervals of 155w, there isn’t a huge amount to talk about.

Most fun today was setting up the Garmin Edge 530 to indoor mode, and tracking various stats and metrics in real time.

It was nice to be able to see things like average cadence, power, and heart rate, as well as calories burned, and current time. I need to play around more with my settings screens, but it was a good start all the same.

What I did find is a fair amount of discrepancy between the figures Zwift reported, and what the Garmin tracked over the same period. Makes me wonder about which system is at fault. The Garmin reported 29km, but clearly Zwift says otherwise.

After my ride I ordered a new cassette. I’ve opted for another Sunrace 11-32T – hard to be precise about the make and model as I’ve not been able to find this information, even after directly asking Specialized.

Anyway, I ordered it online from Tredz, and have been told to expect up to 10 days delivery time. Nice.

Essentially I can’t be arsed getting quite so oily when changing between turbo and back wheel. Laziness 101. But then, the new cassette was only £14.99, so seemed to be a no brainer.

I also ordered myself a pair of gloves, as yesterday morning in particular my hands were freezing.

I was going to head outdoors tomorrow morning and do another local ride that I’ve been looking forward too. A small hill called Beacon Fell. It looks about the same as Box Hill, all in.

Asking around, I hear that Beacon Fell has been closed off. However, looking at Strava segments, I can see plenty of people have been up there today.

I honestly don’t know whether or not to do it at this point.

Part of me thinks I should stick to Zwift, as it’s safer and we are supposed to be in lock down. One wrong fall and I’m in hospital putting strain on an already maxed out system. But then, will the roads ever be this quiet again?

It sounds so selfish when I put it like that, so I think I’m going to stick to the turbo for longer rides until all of this blows over. No idea if I’m doing the right thing :/

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