Tour de Zwift 2023 | Stage 5 | Longer Ride

Stage 5 of this years Tour de Zwift saw us move over to New York, and on the Longer Ride today we were tackling the Everything Bagel route. I’m pretty sure that means all the roads in both directions, but I could be wrong. With my knee still not right, I was nevertheless drawn to … Read more

Tour for All 2020: Stage 3 Longer Race (A)

Just before dinner time today I took part in Zwift’s Tour for All 2020: Stage 3 Longer Race (A). I wasn’t sure how well I’d do in this one, as I’d already done my 100km riding goal for the week prior to even starting this one. And Zwift races are – typically – not easy … Read more

Tour for All 2020: Stage 3 Longer Ride

This afternoon’s ride was the Tour for All 2020: Stage 3 Longer Ride. I don’t know if I was unlucky or what on this one, but I ended up – I think – pretty much riding in some kind of ERG mode throughout. No matter what gear I tried, I couldn’t seem to get much … Read more

Tour de Zwift: Stage 5 Long Distance

This post is going to be a little different to normal. Unfortunately overnight we had a family bereavement. I’ve used cycling to get fit. I’ve used it to push myself both mentally and physically. And today I used it to escape. No story about the ride today. Congrats to all who took part. Ride on.