96% Bias

Saturday’s SST attempt was a massive struggle. Yesterday I ran, and today my legs overall were not feeling great. It wasn’t a strong starting point to think about re-doing the SST session. But I was determined. Reckoning I wouldn’t get through another attempt – just yet – at 100% – I dropped the FTP bias … Read more

New Years Revolutions

A week off the bike. Actually, just a little bit over. And boy, did I pay for that today? Turns out that sitting around in your dressing gown eating chocolate, mince pies, and drinking booze is not conducive to making exercise any easier. I wasn’t going easy on myself today. With a full week’s rest … Read more

Lionel Sanders’ Yellow Day Workout in New York

Boredom. That’s my theory on why the people over at Zwift HQ meddled with the Workouts menu. Gone are all the usual ones I knew, and in their place are a few groups and some obvious brand associations. OK, so I’m in a bit of a bad mood today. I’ll try to offset some of … Read more